Jupiter Return in 3rd

Let’s look at my first Jupiter return chart. The big messages are (quick, quick, spit them out):

  • Jupiter in the 3rd house – growth and expansion comes from communication, learning, sibling, where Mr Moola lives and works, contracts, talking, writing, neighbours, studying especially of key foundational skills.
  • Conjunct Sun which is in the 3rd and you might say conjunct the 4th too. So, Jupiter is linked to the 4th by virtue of its conjunction to the Sun – Growth and expansion of the conscious self. Part of Moola’s life direction. Increase in Mr Moola’s vitality, energy and creativity too. A time where he can become more of himself especially at home or involving his family, parents/father, his roots including ancestry, lineage, the past.
  • Pluto sits on the 7th – as part of his growth,
    • He’s encouraged to see if there’s any power issues when it comes to his significant one-to-one relationships. Whether he’s consciously giving power to others and whether he should retain power for himself. By doing so, he transforms his self-image and the way he relates to others
    • A good use of this placement as part of his growth is to lead others through crises and transformative situations
  • Neptune is also on or near to the MC – as part of his growth,
    • He’s encouraged to pursue Neptunian careers or to incorporate Neptunian themes into his vocation e.g. healing, mysticism, the arts, dreams, music, acting, charities, things involving water
    • Direct his yearning for the future, yearnings of all the possible careers and public faces to making them a reality and thus receiving the recognition and the glamour that they seek
  • Saturn in 6th is in the degree of the nodes – something fated relating to limitation in employment, responsibility and effort in daily work routine, establishing himself in the health industry that’s connected with Neptune conjunct MC.
  • Jupiter semisextile Venus in 4th and/or conjunct 5th – there’s no clear connection between relating to others at home and possibly love for the arts, creativity and children to his growth. But it’s there if he looks closely or tries to connect them together.
  • Jupiter squares Mars in 6th – might be an idea to direct his energies into a healthy lifestyle or energies spent in employment may take away time from his growth.
  • The 3rd and 6th house is rather busy – this reiterates the themes above
  • Ascendant in Cancer sits directly on Mr Moola’s natal 2nd house in the same degree – growth for him is approached from his view of his personal resources, e.g. money, talents.


jupiter return 3rd

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