Chiron in 12th

The 12th represents many things – the hidden, think the chamber of secrets in Harry Potter, being alone, illness, intuition and the psychic. It’s also the house of self-undoing.

When something is hidden, it’s waiting to be discovered. You could be discovering:

  • An ability to transmute your differences, whether obvious or felt innately, into areas of strengths, selling points; that you are maverick at heart
  • A hidden teaching, counselling, mentoring or healing ability that you never knew you had or you know about it but you might have a sense that it’s not easily accessible
  • You make the world a better place by getting all the shit…

Or you could manifest the energies less skilfully and discover:

  • An inner sense of abandonment because you are different from everyone else. People or you yourself might even perceive you as a freak. There’s a sense of loneliness that you might unconsciously/consciously reject, saying to yourself that you are okay
  • A wound. The element that Chiron is in may suggest the type of wound it is e.g. Chiron in an earth sign – a wound involving what is tangible and physical. I’m somewhat uncomfortable that chiron = wound and 12th house = illness. It’s a double whammy. Folks with chiron in 12th, please stay healthy and go for your medical checkups as others do (don’t be a maverick in this regard)
  • That you are actually a scapegoat for the collective. It’s like being a martyr unwittingly. But all for the collective good, to make this world a better place

Think with me:

  • Do you feel that you are somehow flawed, damaged, different and unconsciously push others away from you such that you end up alone or lonely?
  • Have a tendency to look aside from your self-interests and “sacrifice” yourself to the team, society, family, company, etc for the wider good of them?
  • Engage in certain activities, thoughts, behaviours, feelings, etc that are not healthy, constructive towards the matters suggested by the sign of your Chiron?


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