Will This New Relationship Last?

Big messages that are shouting at us: Moon and Saturn are sitting on the 1st. Uranus is smacked on the 4th. As they are on the angles, they are extremely powerful and should have a strong impact on the outcome of the question.

Uranus suggests stress, excitability or separation. As it’s on the 4th, that is already known but perhaps unacknowledged. The Moon shows us where the attention of the querent is, which is on himself. As the Moon rules the 8th, he’s feeling fear and anxiety. Saturn indicates loss and disappointment. Saturn rules the 2nd or turned 8th. So finances and/or the partner’s fear and anxiety is on him i.e. he’s bearing his partner’s fear and anxiety of the relationship. In essence, both of them are anxious as to how the relationship will turn out. And, Mercury, significator of the querent’s partner is in the 8th house. Thus, reinforcing the message of fear and anxiety in the relationship.

Before going further, it might be helpful to explore the feelings that the querent and his partner are feeling as surely those feelings are not constructive towards (enjoying) a relationship! It’s almost as if they want the relationship to work so badly that they aren’t themselves and end up ruining it.

Mercury is applying to Jupiter by square. This suggests that the querent’s partner will approach him. Jupiter is in its term while Mercury is in peregrine. The querent kinda knows what he wants from the relationship while his partner may be non-committal. There’s no reception between the two. And Mercury applying to Jupiter via a square without a reception suggests that the relationship can last if both puts in A LOT of effort to make it work.

The Moon’s last aspect was a square to Neptune suggesting deceit, confusion or self-deception. The Moon then applies to Jupiter by sextile suggesting he feels trapped, alone, secretive in his thoughts or communication. The Moon then applies by conjunction to Saturn in retrograde. This may suggest loss or disappointment regarding the new relationship.

Based on the above, it will take a lot of effort for the relationship to work or last. They are encouraged to look at why this relationship has such high stakes for them. Perhaps by letting go of needing to know an outcome to the relationship can it be given the maximum chance to survive and develop at its own pace.


Will this new relationship last

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