Chiron-Jupiter Transit

I was doing a “cold” consultation with a client who doesn’t have his time of birth. Very risky I know.

Anyhow, one of his main transits for this year was Chiron trine Jupiter (which conjuncts Neptune and aspects other planets). I started off by explaining Jupiter as his long term plans and ambitions and even his philosophy of life. Chiron suggests different things:

  • Teaching, mentoring, providing guidance and counsel
  • Might feel abandoned and alone in some way. If that’s the case, she might get advice from someone more experienced and wiser. Come up with innovative solutions to solve what she’s going through.

I explored Chiron a little bit more than the above and added that there might be a sense of unexpectedness and suddenness relating to her long-term plans and ambitions as transiting Uranus is also aspecting her Jupiter. I then talked more about Uranus and asked him whether what I have said made sense.

He said actually yes as he has been identified (or more accurately, singled out) to be the teacher to design a curriculum/teaching programme for a new subject in school which started in March – which was when transiting Uranus and Chiron first aspected his Jupiter.

It then struck me after the consultation that what he went through is so Chiron-tic! He’s singled out as the sole person to take on the task of designing the programme for the new subject. It’s like Chiron giving up his life to swap with Prometheus! My client is the designated scapegoat for the school!

And it also struck me that Jupiter is a significator for teaching as well!

Lesson learnt: even if it’s improbable that a client isn’t a “scapegoat” in what he’s going through, it might make sense to describe that quickly in one or two sense when explaining a Chiron transit.



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