Pluto-Venus Transits

Let’s brainstorm on skilful use of this transit. Venus can signify:

  • Love, Relationship, Relating to Others
  • Values, Money
  • Aesthetic Tastes, Sex
  • Feminine Figures

Uncover aspects of love, relationship that have been buried so that they are out in the open. Offers an opportunity to confront them honestly especially those bits that are no longer constructive to our life to bring around a major change in the relationship. The process can feel strenuous, thinking of survival on a daily basis. Perhaps it’s “easier” to let go rather than to suffer by holding on to old and outgrown aspects of your life.

Potential power struggle. Offers you the opportunity to reflect on who is giving who power and whether that is done consciously. May be a time to reclaim power for oneself. Be in touch with the dark side of oneself which might have been projected onto others previously.

Transformation, transmutation of one’s personal values including possessions and money. Strips away values that were imposed onto you by your perception of societal, familial expectations of you.

Experiment with dark, kinky, taboo, underground art and leisure activities including sex

Transformation of a feminine figure.


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