Worst Piano Recital Ever

I went for my ATCL piano exam today. Basically, I played over 30 minutes worth of classical pieces on the piano. It was the worst performance ever in my life. So so so many mistakes in notes, pedaling, wrong order of pieces, missed repetition of a piece, etc!

I’m not being overcritical of myself. I know for a fact that my playing was horrendous. The recital took place at 9.30am today. The night before and in the morning, my mind kept visualising the notes and I became fearful that I forgot how to play the pieces (I played the pieces by memory). And yes, my fingers refused to play the correct notes last night and this morning.

I wonder … whether I could blame the horrendous performance to transiting Mercury which stationed retrograde today and is in a very tight opposition to my natal Mars. I associate Mars with physical dexterity. When Mercury SR opposes Mars, the mind isn’t conducive towards physical execution. It’s almost as if the mind is stuck in a place, the thoughts and my memory don’t flow which hindered or created a challenge (opposition) to physical playing of the piano.


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