Worried Over Saturn-Mars Transit

To be honest, I’m rather concerned about an upcoming Saturn opposition Mars transit. Mars rules my natal 6th and 11th. I have been getting these tingling in my left foot again recently. It was tingling some months ago but they went away. Yes, I did see a doctor and did a blood test and was cleared.

I’m worried that 6th house, Uranus in Scorpio and the tingling may mean type 2 diabetes which I’m at very high risk of getting. Mars rules the house of friends which isn’t a major theme in my life anyway. But if the 11th house is taken to represent hopes and dreams, that would be horrendous. Yes, yes, it could mean that I’m focusing my drive to realise my hopes and dreams and many other positive manifestation of the energies – see below. Groups might be a theme too since I joined a volunteering group for the first time after many years of hiatus.

Positive/Skilful use Saturn-Mars Transits

  • Intense, focused, concentrated energies on something – this might be “tricky” for mutable and cardinal types
  • Bondage sex, 50 shades of gray, etc. This would fall under mental and emotional (?) too
  • Practise, focus on something physical – karate, qi gong, yoga, tai chi; physical training, endurance training
  • Practise, accomplishment on surgery, fighting, something involving fire – ironsmith, smithperson, training as a soldier

It’s useful to consider the transit in the entire cycle: conjunction, waxing and waning square, opposition as well.




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