Progressed Charts

Further explorations into secondary progressed charts. Some notes on Mr Allen who’s about 36 years old:

His progressed Ascendant is in Cancer which is ruled by Moon. Natally, Moon is in Aquarius in the 9th house and rules the 2nd house and Sun in Cancer in 2nd. This could suggest that his orientation towards the outer world is on expansion of his mental He could gravitate towards anything foreign, non-routine travelling, high knowledge, acting as an advisor – astrology, law, counselor, etc. His personal resources including his money and talents is likely to be involved. Nurture of his life direction, conscious self, creativity which could be part of his survival abilities and talents may be involved too.

His progressed MC is in Aries which is ruled by Mars. Natally, Mars is in Cancer in the 1st and rules his 11th house, co-rules his 6th house and Uranus in 6th (?). His social standing, profession is based on his persona, being independent. There could be a shift to being a business owner/entrepreneur (1st house). Groups, friends, hopes and wishes, along with his daily (work) routine and/or health are involved with his profession, his public face/image. He might not take the most direct route when it comes to his future, profession (progressed MC ruler in Cancer) possibly because he desires security, a sense of definiteness before he charges ahead with something. With Uranus in 6th, there could be a desire for freedom and independence in his daily work routine. Employment might not provide him with such flexibility if he’s considering that.

His progressed Descendant is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. Natally, Saturn is in Libra in 4th and rules the 8th and co-rules the 9th. Interestingly, Jupiter tightly conjuncts Saturn natally. So Jupiter is activated too. Jupiter in Libra in 4th rules the Descendant and co-rules the 10th/MC and Neptune in 7th (?). He might take a serious approach towards his significant one-to-one relationships which may translate to a sense of commitment, focus, disciplined, responsibility and effort, especially at home with a focus on equality, give and take. Cooperative and balanced relationships. Joint resources, interdependency, anything foreign, knowledge, his profession may be involved. There could be a sense of being giving or even to the point of being over-sacrifical or perhaps involving things that are not quite what they seem. Or at its highest form, the ideal relationship.

His progressed IC is in Libra which is ruled by Venus. Natally, Venus is in Leo in 3rd house and rules the 12th and 5th and Chiron in Taurus in 12th. Mr Allen’s home, family and private self may involve a sense of beauty, balance, harmony, and relating to others. The foregoing may be directed towards his thoughts, communication, where he lives and works or studying of key foundational skills. There could be a sense of self-expression, creativity and pleasure through his solitary pursuits which can bring a sense of healing and guidance to others.


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