Astrology is Divine

It finally dawned on me that regardless of the label that an astrologer tags himself with i.e. astrologer, counselling astrologer, counsellor (!), spiritual guide, etc, what he does is rather divine. Merriam Webster defines divine as “of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God”. And yes, your own version of “God”, not necessarily the biblical God.

I set up a horary chart recently. There were two timings to consider:

  1. the time of the appointment
  2. the time when Alice texted me about what she would like to cover in the consultation (when I texted her “What would you like to discuss in the consultation?”). Her reply was “I would like insights about my partner’s ex.”

I was wondering whether her reply rendered it as the birth of her question of her deepest desire. My intuition says yes, go with the time of the reply text. This was thankfully confirmed later on during the consultation as Alice just wanted to know more about her partner’s ex. But before the consultation, just to be absolutely sure that I was working with the right chart, I asked Alice whether her partner’s ex is somewhat tall and well-built, as the person/quesited was signified by the Sun. Alice confirmed my description.

During the consultation, I ventured further – “Is your partner somewhat short and muscular?” (her partner was signified by Mars) “Yes” was the reply.

On reflection, I realised that I’m working with something divine here. How is it possible that the planetary placements at the time when a question is sincerely (and desperately) asked symbolic of an actual situation on hand?

Come to think of it, the times when I forecast certain “events” for clients who affirmed the messages (from Heavens) are amazing. It is a privilege to be able to interpret the messages of heaven and share it with others.

Oh yes, some moons ago, I selected a tarot card on my vocation. I picked the Hermit – the light bearer who shines light through the darkness. Perhaps for those who are currently in darkness.


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