Observations on Solar Returns

Some recent observations on solar returns:

A person has an emphasis on the fixed modality in his chart. There is hardly any emphasis on fixity in the solar return chart. The person may feel that he is standing on water.

A person’s MC ruler is in the 4th house. He is used to being in the background or hidden when it comes to his career. The Sun is on his MC in this year’s solar return. He finds it hard to come out from hiding and shine as a person as he’s just not used to it.

SR Saturn conjuncts natal Mars. There is no Saturn-Mars aspects natally. The person said that his every action is deliberate and calculated as he’s very conscious of how they will be perceived by others. Sounds like Saturn, a social planet, all right.

A client experienced solar Sun in 12th for the second time in her life this year. The first time took place when she was two years old. She lamented that this is the worst year of her life ever. She doesn’t have any planets in her natal 12th house.

Be sure to explore all possible meanings of a house or angle. For example, Betty has his SR Saturn conjunct her SR IC. Her parents, family, inner self are fine. I asked about home and she said that it’s kind of messy now (her natal 3rd house cusp is in Scorpio and Pluto is in the 3rd as well). So, there’s something relating to her housing situation.



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