Saturn Return

I thought there wasn’t anything significant during my Saturn return (c. 29.5 years old). In fact, I thought about it for 2 or 3 years over the past few years. That was until recently when I looked at the ephemeris, instead of the nice looking reports from Solar Fire. 

Grasps. Saturn transited over my natal Saturn thrice during that period. I left my home country for an overseas job and returned back home within the span of 10 months. I then returned back to that job two months later, after the death of my beloved grandmother (Saturn is in my 4th house which also represents grandparents).

More importantly, before Saturn came within the 1 degree orb, I was busily planning my move to overseas for years. When Saturn return arrived, I was well ready to execute my move. The move was necessarily as living and working in Singapore wasn’t for me. I knew that long time ago and it was during Saturn return that I realised the change.

So, yes, my Saturn return was a big deal for me.


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