Saturn Transiting in 1st

Saturn limits, restricts, focuses. Where Saturn is, it focuses all its energies to that spot, with a laser focus. It’s like holding a magnifying glass, directing the sunlight through it. So, when Saturn is in the 1st, the focus is on you.

Houses 7 to 12 relate to the outer world. Houses 1 to 6 the inner world. Below the horizon, away from the view of everyone.

When Saturn crosses from above the horizon, which it has spent for the last 14.5 years or so, to below the horizon, the attention shifts from the outside world to you.

It’s time to focus on you baby. Who you are as a person, your needs, your wants, your desires, your personality. Not what the outside world expects of you, but who you are, your own person. If you are still fixated on the outside world, it’s time to restructure that.  To (re)build and consolidate YOU. Therefore, this is an excellent time for any kind of psychotherapy, human potential work or conscious-raising (as contrasted from the 12th house of unconsciousness) according to Robert Hand.



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