Lunar Returns

My first time exploring lunar returns. Let’s forecast a bunch of them and see how they turn out. Read at your own peril.

28 Oct 2017

Moon’s in the 9th. Daily habits, daily routine focuses on new experiences that expand the mind e.g. astrological studies. Moon rules 1st and 2nd. Taking action and money are involved.

Trines Venus in 5th. Flows easily with pleasure or children (children aren’t that relevant as I don’t deal much with them).

25 Nov 2017

Moon’s in 4th. Focus on home, family and private self. Moon rules 10th. Career’s involved. No aspects to Moon. Hmmm.

Pluto conjunct IC tightly. Oh no, transformation in home situation. Pluto co-rules 2nd. Money is involved. Tighest aspects to Pluto: PL ssq SU in 2nd. Money is involved again. PL ssx SN in 4th, sqq NN in 10th. Hmm, something fated.

22 Dec 2017

Moon’s in 1st. Focus on taking action, body. Rules 7th – relationships, clients and open enemies. Hopefully, nothing legal is involved.

Moon squares Jupiter in 10th tightly in same degree. Law. Hopefully nothing relating to overseas law. Try education.

MO ssq (SU cjn SA) in 12th. Doesn’t look good. 12th house – no control, helpless over the situation. Something hidden.

MO sxt ME in 11th. Communication in groups and friends.


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