12th House

I need to memorise the interpretations of the 12th house. Before referring to books, let’s see what the 12th house means to me:

  • It’s cadent. It’s falling from the throne/seat of power. So, planets located here may be “weak” or having little control or the power to act.
  • Psychological astrology suggests that there might be childhood experiences which might have “denied” the child of experiencing his planet in the 12th house. This denial may lead to projection as an adult
  • The Sun is rising from the horizon and any planets in the 12th are combust or under the sun beams i.e. they can’t be seen. Even if they can be seen, they can’t be seen clearly. Therefore, there’s a hidden or secretive quality to planets in the 12th house.
  • It may represent illness and hospitals and the corresponding isolation. I should know that I spent some time in a hospital and home when the solar return Sun was in the 12th.
  • Big multinational corporations, animals bigger than a cow.
  • House of self-undoing. Unconscious behaviour that may lead to one’s downfall (i.e. the cadent quality of falling).

Okay, let’s see what books say about the 12th:

Alone, hidden, things buried in the past, psychic/intuition/dream. Places: large institutions, hospitals, prisons, multinational companies. Negative manifestations include becoming lost, confused, misunderstood, illness, hidden enemy, involved in issues that the person may have no or little control over.

Let’s transform the above:

  • Alone, feeling trapped/imprisoned versus solitude, me-time
  • Hidden versus in the background, implicit
  • Illness versus rest and retreat
  • Feeling lost, confused, misunderstood or having little or no control versus practising spirituality, intuition, psychic abilities
  • Things buried in the past versus confronting unconscious thoughts/behaviours that are self-defeating


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