When to Incorporate an Accounting Firm?

I’m not trained in electional astrology yet. This is one of my very initial explorations into this fascinating area. Update: this attempt is crap. Read at your own peril.

Natally, my MC is in Pisces. So I would want to make Jupiter strong. Jupiter is in Scorpio from now until Nov 2018 which is too late really.

What are the significators of an accounting firm? Mercury, I suppose with all the focus on communication, contracts, the written word, numbers. Also, Saturn maybe as Saturn represents business, profession, career.

Mercury is currently in Sagittarius, which is a big no-no. It will be in Capricorn from 11 Jan to 31 Jan 2018, Aquarius from 1 Feb to 17 Feb 2018. Saturn is in its sign of Capricorn from 20 Dec 2017 onwards. So, we are looking at incorporating the accounting firm between 11 Jan to 17 Feb 2018.

I suppose we can even fine tune that further by having Mercury in its triplicity, term and/or face where possible. Not sure whether that is the practice though. E.g. have Mercury in 6.01 to 12.0 Capricorn (term), Mercury in night (triplicity), 6.01 to 12.0 Aquarius, 10.01 to 20.0 Aquarius (face). It seems that the sweet spot is to have Mercury in 10.01 to 12.0 Aquarius at night.

What about Venus and Mars? I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have them dignified if we can. Venus represents money, pleasure and is now in Scorpio. It gets into Sagittarius from 1 Dec 2017 onwards and exalted in Pisces from 11 Feb 2018, if we really want to go there.

Mars is in Libra now and will be in its sign of Scorpio from 9 Dec 17 to 26 Jan 18. I don’t think Mars matters to an accounting firm. But I suppose there’s no harm in making this malefic benefic by placing it in its sign. So the houses that Mars rules may come to some good end.

Considering all the dates above, the window period for incorporating the accounting firm is from 11 Jan 18 to 26 Jan 18. To put Mercury in its term in Capricorn, it would be from 15 Jan 18 (afternoon) to 19 Jan 18 (afternoon).

Uh oh. I left out the all important Moon! It’s a new Moon on 17 Jan 18 at 2:18am in Capricorn. Earth is a fertile sign. But new Moon seems malefic.

Thought process isn’t correct. I will start all over again in another post.






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