What’s in the Stars For You in 2018? – Part 2

Understand the general opportunities available to you in 2018! 

Check whether your date of birth falls within a group below:

  • Group C: 15-22 Jan, 14-22 Apr, 17-25 Jul, 18-26 Oct; 13-21 Feb, 15-23 Jun, 17-25 Aug, 16-24 Dec
  • Group D: 2-7 Mar, 2-7 Jun, 4-9 Sep, 3-8 Dec; 2-7 Jan, 2-7 May, 4-9 Nov, 3-8 Jul
  • Group E: 9-12 Jan, 8-11 Apr, 11-14 Jul, 12-15 Oct; 9-12 Mar, 11-14 Sep, 9-12 May, 11-14 Nov

If your birth date falls within a group, scroll down the page for a description of the opportunities that are available to you in 2018 (look at C, D and E only). If your date of birth isn’t found in one of the groups above, take it easy and chill out!

Attention: this general forecast is a tiny portion of who goes on in a personalised astrological consultation and is not a substitute for it.

Take advantage of these window periods of opportunities. They don’t last forever!

2018 forecast part 1a

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