Saturn Transiting in Sun Sign

I did an informal study, to use the term extremely loosely, recently. The study was to determine whether people go through a tough time when Saturn is transiting their Sun sign. 

Respondents were sent an online message – see Table 1 below. There were 257 respondents which is a nice number although I’m not entirely certain that they are representative of the population as the most of the respondents have an interest in spirituality by their participation in groups with a spiritual focus.


Respondents are asked whether the time period, where Saturn was/is transiting through their Sun sign, was/is one of the toughest periods in their life, generally speaking.

60% agreed with the statement; 32% disagreed with the statement while 8% somewhat agreed with the statement.

These Sun signs are more likely than other signs to agree with the statement: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer and Gemini.

These Sun signs are less likely than other signs to agree with the statement: Aquarius, Taurus and Pisces.

Zodiac signs that are not mentioned above could go either way.

For more information, look at table 2 below.


Without performing statistical analysis, it seems that it is more likely than not (a 68% chance) that a person may go through a “tough” time in their life when Saturn is transiting through their Sun sign.


Table 1 – Survey sent to participants

Dear all, I’m doing an informal research on tough times in a person’s life based on their zodiac sign. Could you have a look at your sign and rate by leaving a comment on whether the time period indicated for your sign is one of the toughest periods in your life generally speaking (yes, no, somewhat and state your sign)? Thanks!!

Capricorn: Mar to Jun 1998, Dec 1988 to to Feb 1991

Aquarius: Mar 1991 to Jan 1994

Pisces: Feb 1994 to Apr 1996

Aries: May 1996 to Jun 1998, Nov 1998 to Mar 1999

Taurus: Jul 1998 to Oct 1998, Apr 1999 to Aug 2000, Nov 2000
to Apr 2001

Gemini: Sep to Oct 2000, May 2001 to Jun 2003

Cancer: Jul 2003 to Jul 2005

Leo: Aug 2005 to Sep 2007

Virgo: Oct 2007 to Oct 2009, May to July 2010

Libra: Nov 2009 to Apr 2010, Aug 2010 to Oct 2012

Scorpio: Nov 2012 to Dec 2014

Sagittarius: Jan 2014 to Dec 2017

Table 2 – Summarised findings

Saturn in sun sign

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