Where is my Misplaced Crystal?

I have misplaced my blue lace agate crystal. I need it somewhat desperately for tomorrow as it’s my “talisman” for sensitive and flowing communication which I desperately need for tomorrow. 

Following the rules by Olivia Barclay…

  • The planet ruling the sign on the second house symbolizes the misplaced item – Mercury
  • If this planet is angular, it shows the article is within doors and that there is likelihood that the article is mislaid – thank God!
  • Look at the planet ruling the sign on the 4th house – Moon
  • If it’s the Moon, it’s near water or a pit – Water – the bathroom, the washing machine?
  • Consider the sign that the ruler of the fourth is in – Leo
  • “Leo tells us it’s near a chimney” – there’s no chimney here. I will look near radiators.

Radiators, heat + water/pit. I looked at the laundry room, the bathroom, near the radiators and finally the laundry basket (pit) that’s placed near a radiator. I found it in my jeans. On hindsight, the blue lace agate is the symbol of communication to me. It’s funny how apt Gemini is on the cusp of the 2nd house.

I can face tomorrow confidently now.

where is blue lace agate crystal


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