Transiting Jupiter Square Sun

Mr Regulus had transiting Jupiter square natal Sun on 22/9. Jupiter represents expansion, freedom, growth while Sun represents the conscious self, energy, life direction. Natal Sun is in the second house and rules the 3rd. Therefore, Sun in 2nd represents the self when it comes to personal resources including money and communication, thoughts, where one lives and works, studying, etc. The Sun makes a trine to Uranus in 6th. So, there could be a radical change in everyday life, illness or everyday routine. Jupiter was transiting in the 5th house of self-expression, pleasure, children, etc

Let’s see what really “happened” during the transit. Using a 1 degree orb, the transit kicked in from 16/9 until 26/9. The notable events during this period include:

  • Submission of a take-home written exam on 17/9
  • Final physiotherapy session on 18/9
  • Was paid for a batch of classes for children in advance on 21/9
  • Went for a blood test and a musical performance on 22/9
  • Set up shop in a new location for the first time and had 3 paid customers on 23/9
  • Did a few goodwill services for others on 24/9 and had 1 to 2 paid customers on 24/9
  • Looked at a number of office space on 25/9
  • Started first training session involving communication skills on 26/9

Based on the above, it seems fair to say that there’s an emphasis on:

  • The 2nd house as a number of events involved money
  • The 3rd house as some events involved studying, communication, place of work and life
  • The 6th house as on hindsight, there’s a radical change (Uranus) in everyday life

Even though Jupiter was transiting in the 5th, there’s few events involving children (1 event), recreation (1 event relating to the musical performance).


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