Taurus – Systematic, Methodical and Tangible

My natural style of communication is to leap from one point to another. Which can be downright confusing for others. Come to think of it, there’s an improvisary slant to it. While talking, I might receive a brilliant insight and share it out of context (without bothering to connect the dots that seem so obvious to me). (more…)

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I’m Fixed. Don’t Suggest Changes to Me.

Ms Apricot was looking for love and I made some observations and suggestions based on her natal chart to her. She did not take to them well and responded to the suggestions “This is not me.” Essentially, she wants love without having to adjust herself.  (more…)

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Transiting Jupiter Square Sun

Mr Regulus had transiting Jupiter square natal Sun on 22/9. Jupiter represents expansion, freedom, growth while Sun represents the conscious self, energy, life direction. Natal Sun is in the second house and rules the 3rd. Therefore, Sun in 2nd represents the self when it comes to personal resources including money and communication, thoughts, where one lives and works, studying, etc. The Sun makes a trine to Uranus in 6th. So, there could be a radical change in everyday life, illness or everyday routine. Jupiter was transiting in the 5th house of self-expression, pleasure, children, etc (more…)

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