Jupiter Sextile Descendant

Ms Regus had transiting Jupiter trine natal ASC. Since ASC and DSC operate on an axis, transiting Jupiter was also sextiling natal DSC. 

Jupiter = opportunities, expansion, growth. Ms Regus was concerned about her relationship prospects. So, I said that there might be opportunities relating to relationships or she could feel more expansive than usual on the day. And asked her whether anything “happened” on that day of the transit or +- one day?

Ms Regus was taken aback and said that there was a person that she’s interested in but decided not to continue the relationship. She asked whether I could provide her with some insight on whether her decision is correct.

I drew a tarot card. It was the high priestess. I told Ms Regus to trust her gut instincts. I cast a horary chart. Ms Regus was ASC in Cancer which is ruled by Moon and the other person was DSC in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. Moon is making an applying opposition to Saturn. I told Ms Regus that the relationship may require more of her than what she gets back from it. Interesting, Moon conjuncts fixed star Aldebaran, which is a new start. Yeah, the day was of the transit was her first contact with the other person.

It’s quite interesting that a single hit of transiting Jupiter sextile DSC could lead to a new romantic opportunity.


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