Venus in 11th – Venus Returns

I was ecstatic when I read Brady state in her book Predictive Astrology “The Venus return is very handy to help answer the question of: ‘When will I find a relationship?'” Yipee. I can finally give a “definitive” answer to my clients when they ask when will they meet the love of their life, without having to use horary charts which almost always have a late rising Ascendant. 

I looked at the Venus return for the time period when I met my partner. Venus was in 2nd house using the Placidus house system. My relationship involved money? Yeah… when we dated, of course money would be spent. That’s not very helpful. The tightest aspect to Venus was a sextile/trine to the nodes at about 1°30′. A fated encounter involving someone maybe? North Node was in the 4th house while South Node was in the 10th. So it’s better to spend more time at home than at work for this relationship involving money. This is not very helpful.

Let’s try another Venus return (VR) for this year. Venus is in the 11th house of friends and groups and hopes and wishes. So, putting that in the perspective of relationship, I expect to spend more time in groups and with friends with my partner this year. Hmmm, we used to spend tons of time with a sporting group in the last two years but have reduced our involvement in that group this year. There’s no obvious increase in time spent with friends either. Hmmm. Maybe this will describe the remaining months.

Then it struck me. Venus doesn’t just represent love and romantic relationships. It signifies much much more – money, aesthetic taste, beauty, relating to others, relationships of all kinds, art, beautiful possessions or things of value, values, etc. For this year when VR Venus is in the 11th house and tightly conjunct North Node (less than a degree), I had made a friend. And also, I have started to volunteer with a group too and consequently have to relate to people in groups.

Let’s rewind back to the year where VR Venus was in my 2nd house. I had cleared my work probation then and my financial situation (2nd) is more stabilised consequently.

So, yeah, VRs have their uses. Just take a holistic view of what Venus can represent though.


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