Astrological Forecasting Without Birth Time

Forecasting without a birth time is like an eagle or a lark with its wing(s) clipped. The bird cannot fly, can’t soar in the sky to view earth’s magnificent beauty. Or more accurately, the bird can’t have a complete view of earth as it does when it’s up in the sky.

So it is with astrological forecasting without birth time. Take for example, transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto. Expansion of transformation. Freedom from power struggles. Growth and improvement from deep emotional grief and burden. That’s some possible interpretations without knowing the birth time.

Let’s add in the birth time: natal Pluto in 7th and rules the 5th house in modern astrology. Improvement in or freedom from (Jupiter) power struggle (Pluto) relating to a legal matter (7th) that may involve children (5th). Voila. The client confirmed that there’s a court case next year for her. Certainly, we could go into much more depth by looking at natal Jupiter and aspects to natal Pluto.

So, to do full justice to using astrology as a forecasting tool, birth times are absolutely essential. No buts about it.



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