Uranus-Sun Transits

It feels as if life is falling apart yesterday. Again. I had been feeling like that for some time since the Uranus-Sun transit kicked earlier this year. I thought I had it under control. But apparently not.

I don’t think “life is falling apart” or fallen apart is necessarily descriptive of a Uranus square Sun transit. Perhaps it’s due to the natal configurations activated by the transit – the aspects from the Sun is (I have disregarded the aspects of the planets below to other planets):

  • trine Uranus
  • semisquare Ascendant
  • sextile Chiron
  • square Pluto

There’s a double whammy of some sort as the natal Sun-Uranus (trine) is activated. Uranus breaks through limitations and restrictions where they exist. Pluto is dark, heavy and intense which is activated as part of the transit. The approach to life or how one sees the world is involved – frustration of some kind, waiting for the dust to settle. There’s some wound, hurt or healing involved.

Is there something to look forward to? The opportunity:

  • for a radical change in life direction
  • to individuate by breaking through existing barriers for individuation, if any
  • to be in touch with self, power, recognition
  • for excitement, freedom, independence within self
  • and so on

The Uranus-Sun energies aren’t that easy to handle though, unless a person is well-acquainted with it by having a say Uranus conjunct/square/opposition Sun natally.

I will report on how things are when this transit is over.



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