Is The Sports Club Going to Win?

Question: My partner and I are members of a sports club in Dublin. Is the sports club going to win at the GALAs this year?

Response: Unfortunately it seems no.


7 cups. Confusion. Lots of great nominees to choose from.

I Ching

Hexagram 21, Biting through. The text of hexagram 21 is ambigous “Eradicating. Prosperous and smooth. Favourable to administer justice.” It feels like there’s an obstruction that needs to be gotten rid of before success can be obtained.

The upper and lower trigram is fire and wood respectively. The lower one represents self or the sports club. Fire conquers wood.

Using another method, the 5th line in the hexagram, earth, represents self or the club. The second line, wood, represents other nominees. Earth generates wood.

Based on the above, it feels that there’s no clear sign that the club will be winning.


The club is represented by the 11th house. Yipee! Both Jupiter and Mercury conjuncts the cusp of the 11th house tightly. Good news!

I then noticed Saturn in the 1st house – the matter usually doesn’t turn out the way one expects. Hmmm. It occurred to me that Jupiter represents the querent. The querent is focused on the club. That’s why his significator conjuncts the 11th house. What about Mercury? Mercury rules the 7th house. The querent’s partner is in the club too and he’s very anxious that the club wins. So, it seems that Jupiter conjunct Mercury on 11th house isn’t that lucky after all. Furthermore, they are under the sun beams, showing that they are weakened.

Ruler of 11th is Mars in Mercury. Mars is in its term. Ruler of the other nominees, turned 7th from 11th i.e. radical 5th, is Venus in Libra. Hmmm. The other nominees seem stronger than the club. Most interestingly, Venus is the fall of Mars and Mars is in detriment of Venus. Obviously, both hates one another as there’s only one prize.

The Moon shows the flow of events. It applied to Venus recently, showing a minor testimony in favour of the other nominees.

Based on the above,┬áthere’s no clear sign that the club will be winning.

Update on 23 October 2017: the club didn’t win.

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