Will There be Paying Customers From Now Until My Date Arrives?

I think of paying customers as Lord 8 – money from customers. It’s Mercury in this case. I’m represented by Lord 1, Saturn. There’s no aspects formed between Mercury and Saturn nor their antiscia. Okay, there won’t be paying customers. 

BUT, a paying customer showed up at about 4:45pm. What have I missed?

Maybe let’s look at aspects between Lord 7, Moon and Saturn to see if Lord 7 works. Yes, Moon makes an applying trine to Saturn in about 5 units of time. Moon is in a fixed sign and cardinal house so it’s long but might be earlier due to volition. So, a customer may show up in 5 hours time or earlier i.e. from 3:44pm, when the question was asked, to 8:44pm.

As mentioned earlier, a customer did come by at about 4:45pm. What’s interesting is that he is quite older than me – which is well symbolised by Saturn.

Lesson learnt: paying customers can be represented by Lord 7 and/or Lord 8.

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