Will I Have to Move?

Question: I’m renting this place. Landlord has previously told us that she is selling the place but it came to nothing. She told us today again that the place is going to be sold soon and to be prepared to move when the sale goes through. Do I have to be concerned with what she told us today?

Response: If you do have to move, it will be about half a week or half a month from today. If you don’t move by then, it’s most likely that you won’t have to move. Even if you have to move, it will all work out well in the end.

[Lord 4, Mercury is in combustion. The house/home is being burned! It can’t be seen anymore. Yes, it’s separating from the Sun but it’s still in combustion. Lord 1 is Jupiter in Scorpio. There’s no aspects to be formed with lord 4. Moon makes an applying square to Mercury in 30 arc or so. The Moon makes quite a few other aspects after the square to Mercury. We will not look at them here.]

Will I have to move? relocation

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