When Will the Power be Back?

A very late Ascendant. Too late to judge this question. Possibly because there’s already news release of when the power will be restored. Or the power is already out. Duh.

The home situation is bad all right but the worst is over. There could be crying or tears involved. There might be regret and things will not turn out well. Some might be able to see [Lord 4, Mercury is combustion but is separating from the Sun; fixed star Alycone conjuncts cusp of 4th].

Transformation of some kind, that happens in the background might be involved in about 1.5 hours from 3:50pm (the time the question is asked) i.e. 5:20pm or earlier [Moon trines Pluto].

The power will be restored in about 8 hours from 3:50pm i.e. 11:50pm or earlier, which is very likely going to be earlier [Moon squares Saturn, Lord 1; Saturn conjuncts part of fortune].

Update: The power came back at about 5:45pm. I originally thought that Pluto represents death or grief of some kind relating to the storm. But according to the news, there’s no death between 3:50pm to 5:20pm. On reflection, my question was regarding the recovery of the power outage. Pluto in this case seems to represent a resurrection of the dead power which makes sense – there needs to be a transformation of some kind before the power comes back on.

power outage Ophelia storm

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