Low Emphasis on Water

Whenever there is a low emphasis on an element in a natal chart, it is possible that such person may overcompensate by engaging in “watery” activities even though it’s not the most comfortable to them. If you understand the MBTI framework, it’s like utilising your inferior function full time.

Watery activities may involve activities involving feeling, emotions, nurturing, sensitivity, spiritualism, healing, imagination, etc. There is the potential for accomplishment in such activities although it usually comes out a bit “wonky” – unconventional, unusual. For example, a person who is low in Earth may work as an accountant. I bet you that this person does his work in a manner different from his colleagues who does not have a low emphasis on water.

I had a client who has a low emphasis in water. She said “I did not choose to be spiritual or to be engaged in all these spiritual activities!” At some level, she could be right. But doesn’t her statement make you think that she is a puppet who has no free will? Surely she has a conscious choice and decision in what she is doing? There’s no right or wrong decision per se but if she’s engaging in spiritual activities, the least she could do is admit that it’s a choice that she has made because of whatever she’s feeling or etc.




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