Venus-Saturn – Synastry

I had a couple who has among various other testing aspects, a Saturn square Venus inter-aspect which is rather tight.

On first sight, it’s controlling love which resonates with the woman who has the Venus: “He’s controlling all right.” There was another inter-aspect – Saturn conjunct Mars where the woman has the Mars.

Thinking fatalistically, it almost feels as if the Saturn square Venus is a major stumbling block in the relationship which cannot be surmounted. I was very bothered by it, as their astrologer. Besides, skilfully expressing the inter-aspect as responsible love, structured love or relating to others, committed love, serious love, how else can it be expressed?

Let’s think imaginatively.

Saturn binds, like glue. So it could be binding love. The love has a lasting, permanent quality to it. In fact, isn’t this great for couples who are looking for a long-term relationships, marriages, commitment?

Saturn has the ability to restructure, re-evaluate, review, re-assess after time and experience. That sounds like wisdom, doesn’t it? So, it could be wise love. How does a person become wise? Perhaps it’s from going through trials and tribulations that one becomes wiser (?). So, the relationship offers wisdom to the couple after any tough times that they went through together.

Saturn represents long term ambition and sense of material security which is offered to Venus. That ain’t bad at all, isn’t it?

It almost feels as if Venus has nothing to offer to Saturn. But that’s not the case. Venus has a softening effect. So Venus softens Saturn’s fears and inhibitions, making them less scary, more palatable.

Venus represents value, art, anything beautiful. So, it could be through this relationship that one or both of them work hard on his/her/their masterpieces, be it art, music, etc .

So, a hard interaspect between Venus and Saturn can be expressed skilfully and positively. It takes effort to make conscious adjustments though. But it can be done. If there is love, love (Venus) conquers all obstacles (Saturn).


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