Jupiter on Ascendent – Solar Returns

This has been a “tough” year. Certainly, transiting Uranus square Sun has a lot to do with it. But, I reckon it’s to do with Jupiter smacked on my solar return Ascendant. You may think that’s strange. Jupiter is expansive, it’s forward looking, it’s optimism, it’s a sense of well-being, opportunities, etc.

The thing is: I don’t quite experience Jupiter this way in my life. Natally, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn (which squares my chart ruler and another personal planet). So, whenever Jupiter is activated, as it is during this solar return year, Saturn and the square to my chart ruler and another personal planet are activated too. That’s my reality of Jupiter – lots of hard work, feeling down mentally, self-doubt (natal Mercury-Saturn).

Understanding of a natal chart is necessary for interpretation of a solar return chart.


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