Will I Have Children?

I am disturbed. Ms Spiller asked whether she will have children. I looked at her natal 5th house. The cusp is Aquarius. Saturn is the traditional ruler and it is in Scorpio, a fertile sign.  Happy days! But Saturn conjuncts Pluto in the 1st house. The first thought that came to my mind is miscarriage in the body (1st house). How about Uranus as the modern co-ruler of Aquarius? Uranus conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius. There are opportunities and luck when it comes to children. Great stuff.

What else did I examine in the natal chart? Mars in Aquarius is near the 5th house cusp. Hmmm. Mars is in peregine based on its degree. Not a good sign. But I interpreted Mars as energy towards giving birth to a child.

I place slightly more emphasis on the traditional ruler. But Uranus, the modern ruler does conjunct a strong Jupiter. Mars denoting progressive actions (or actions based on astrology) is on the 5th cusp. So, my response to Ms Spiller is “Yes, you will have children. But you have to try a few times, try hard and have lots of sex.”

Ms Spiller then asked when will she have her first child?

I casted a horary chart. Moon is on the cusp of the 5th house. The querent’s mind is on children and babies. What are the odds of that? The ruler of the 5th house is Mercury (in Libra) and it is in combustion. That reminded me of Saturn conjunct Pluto in the natal chart. I told her that it’s depended on her finding her man and trying hard to conceive. As her man is not confirmed as of now, the stars are not telling when.

When will I have children


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