Transformation in Which Values?

I’m looking at Ms Monroe’s solar return chart for the year. Pluto conjuncts the 2nd house cusp rather tightly. I mentioned to Ms Monroe that there’s possible a change in her values. And because of a change in her values, a corresponding change in her personal finances or source of security. She asked “What do those values relate to?”

A fair enough question. The cusp of the SR 2nd house is 15 degrees Capricorn which falls in her natal 4th house and conjuncts her natal IC by 3 degrees (I’m using the equal house system). I replied “Values relating to your home, family, roots and perhaps private self”. She nodded her head and seemed satisfied.

Likewise, we could the SR-natal chart overlay technique to find out the background to an area of in the natal chart. For example, we would like to understand any motivation, background to one’s profession/career. Using Ms Monroe’s chart again, her SR MC is 26 degrees Virgo which falls into 12th house. Uh oh. There’s potentially a preparation phase or reorganisation relating to her profession.


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