Sun in 9th House – Solar Returns

9th house represents overseas travelling, holidays, higher education, studies, church, publishing. That’s the concrete interpretations of the 9th house. How about a psychological or archetypal interpretation of the 9th house?

9th house represents our beliefs, our philosophy of life. When the Sun is in the 9th house, perhaps our beliefs, life philosophy are illuminated as the spotlight is on them. When they are illuminated, we can see them more clearly. We can focus our attention and energy on them. To sort through them. To re-evaluate existing ones.¬†To revisit or even remove those that failed to function for us as they are too limiting. If they continue to exist, they might feel like restraints on us, limitations that don’t support our personal growth and expansion.

The more I think about it, the more I realise that our beliefs do affect the decisions we make. Are our beliefs stable and less open to change (cusp of 9th house in a fixed sign or Saturn in 9th)? Or do they have a higher capacity to flex and morph (cusp of 9th house in a cadent sign or perhaps Neptune in 9th)? Or are our beliefs conceptual (air), practical (earth), intuitive (water)?



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