Pluto on Descendant/7th House

Pluto = death. Descendant = partner. Pluto on partner = potential death of partner. This is disturbing as I met Mr Swarovski who had this natal placement. Pluto conjuncts Descendant within the degree. His wife died. I suspect the death is “activated” by a transit or progression. Certainly, the foregoing interpretation is too literal and concrete. Let’s look at more archetypal ones.

The Descendant is what we may project onto others. It is the side of us that we see in others. With Pluto on DSC, we may see others as powerful, controlling, intense, manipulative, secretive or ruthless. If that is the way we see others, it is very likely that there are power struggles. Or there might not be a struggle if we give our power away to the other person/persons. Perhaps, it’s through our interaction in one-to-one relationships that we get in touch with the “darker” side of our personality, which may be latent but it’s definitely there, and transform the way we relate to others (as symbolised by DSC).

When we claim the Plutonian energies for ourselves, our relationships could have a Venus-Pluto quality to it. That will be for another post.

What is the blessing of Pluto on DSC? It is the capacity to transform others, to lead others through death, transformative experiences, uncovering the hidden aspects of a person and having deep intense relationships where each other stand naked together, with nothing to hide.


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