Transformation in Which Values?

I’m looking at Ms Monroe’s solar return chart for the year. Pluto conjuncts the 2nd house cusp rather tightly. I mentioned to Ms Monroe that there’s possible a change in her values. And because of a change in her values, a corresponding change in her personal finances or source of security. She asked “What do those values relate to?” (more…)

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It Takes Years to Be a Competent Astrologer

Generally speaking, it takes lots of practice, making mistakes, learning from them, making more mistakes and learning from them to be competent in something. So it is the same with astrology. You may not require many years to be competent in astrology but could “just” a few years if you invest say 10 hours each day, six days a week into it. That would equate to 3,120 hours a year. So, if you spend those hours for three years, you would have accumulated 9,360 hours which will almost certainly make you at least minimally competent in astrology if we want to be conservative. The truth is, it seems to take years to be decently good at anything. Otherwise, you could be an elite sportsperson, a performing musician, a critically acclaimed writer, well-to-do business person in less than a year – is that possible? It doesn’t seem that likely if you think about it. Unless you are a genius, that is.

Here’s another thought. It takes 3 years on average in the western world to complete a degree. The contents of a complete astrological education certainly is equivalent to, if not more than, a 3 year degree in my opinion. Following graduation, it takes another few more years before one moves up the hierarchy. Why should an aspiring astrologer expect any difference from the above scenario? (more…)

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Pluto on Descendant/7th House

Pluto = death. Descendant = partner. Pluto on partner = potential death of partner. This is disturbing as I met Mr Swarovski who had this natal placement. Pluto conjuncts Descendant within the degree. His wife died. I suspect the death is “activated” by a transit or progression.¬†Certainly, the foregoing interpretation is too literal and concrete. (more…)

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