Why Astrology?

Why go for an astrological reading? Why not a reading involving:

  • tea leaves
  • runes
  • tarot
  • psychic
  • clairvoyant
  • angel cards
  • I Ching
  • palmistry
  • magic 8 ball
  • crystal ball
  • Turkish coffee
  • the face (or even the ass!, as I have read somewhere)
  • etc, etc, etc

I’m sure a skilled reader is able to provide great insights into any situation. The technique that is being used is a tool. But then, I wonder whether the insight from each “tool” will produce insight of identical or similar quality assuming that each reader has the same level of skill across the board?

I suppose you need an objective person who has been to various readers preferably within a short period of time to assess the quality of a reading using different techniques.

Let’s see the type of readings that I have tried:

  • Turkish coffee reading. The man was telling my fortune – my future which I had written somewhere. He probably made 5 predictions in a few minutes time.
  • Tarot card reading. I have tried 3 different readers. The one that I liked best incorporated some psychological insights into her reading. She used at least 3 different tarot decks and spreads. The second tarot card reader/psychic give me answers to direct questions that I posed: “Will I ….?” (yes/no). “Should I …?” (yes/no). The third one – she first picked a card and that reading was very relevant. The following readings were rather fortune telling. This will happen in the future. Inevitably, the better readers are very cautious when it comes to delivering their messages. They either leave out the negative bits or reframe them with a positive spin to them.
  • Astrological reading. I have been to two astrologers. The first one did a natal reading for me. It was nice to have a chat with him on my natal potential. The second one did a transits reading for me. I asked him a few very specific questions. Which he answered me using the natal chart.

To be continued.





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