Uranus Opposite Uranus

Uranus represents freedom, radical changes, speed, distance, etc. But what does it represent within a person? It’s an outer or generational planet that speaks of and describes the masses, so what’s its place in an individual? I suppose if Uranus isn’t connected to a personal planet, an individual wouldn’t be too accustomed to its energy. So, when transiting Uranus opposes natal Uranus, bits of the person’s personality wouldn’t really be involved. So, it goes back to the point of understanding a person’s natal chart when you are looking at transits, progressions, etc.

To me, Uranus represents one’s individuality. The drummer that marches to his/her own beat. So, when transiting Uranus opposes natal Uranus, it’s like a “model” drummer, the best-in-class drummer standing directly opposite to your own drummer. When confronted with an A+ drummer, the natural instinct is for your drummer to look at that tip-top drummer and wonder or ask “Have I been living a life that’s truly authentic to me (just like that model drummer). Or am I living according to societal’s (Saturn and Jupiter) expectations of me?” It’s a time of re-evaluation of what you have done, accomplished over the last many years, especially since Saturn return at about 29.5 years old.

From the (mid-life) re-evaluation, there is an opportunity for change, for re-ploting your course of life. You are equipped with the energy of lightning speed to revolutionize your life by getting rid of anything, any structure that limits you.

What are the changes that could be involved? Potentially the entire life but more plausibly the parts of the natal chart that have a connection to Uranus.

How can one respond to such energy, inner awareness of and awakening to one’s state of life?

A person could resist those energies. It could be then a time of anger and frustration. Those energies could be projected without, to the outer world and the person could happen to changes. This person may “try to climb out of the debris and rebuild exactly the same edifices” (Forecasting by Astrology by Freeman). This might be the case especially for people with a predominance of fixity in their natal chart or very Saturian (although Saturn could always restructure and reappraise when necessary). Don’t get me wrong. I think and feel that it can very painful or at least uncomfortable for structures to be broken down. After all, those structure took years to be built and cemented by parents, teachers, bosses, society, or more accurately, our beliefs about society’s expectations of us.

A person could work with those energies. Retain those bits that work for you and revolutionize the bits that don’t.



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