My Struggle to Practise Mindfulness Daily

I know meditation/mindfulness practices are extremely beneficial for me. But I just can’t muster the discipline to do it. It’s as if my whole body and mind are fighting against being still. 

I had tried to think of mindfulness like the act of brushing my teeth. I don’t want my mouth to stink, do I? So, I tried to associate the practice of mindfulness to the daily brushing of teeth. But that didn’t do it for me.

Just today, I’m going to think of my body as a plant. Mindfulness is like water. A plant needs sufficient amount of water. Not too little nor too much. If I were to do e.g. 36 counts of breathes, it’s like one drop of water for the plant which is too little. But it’s still a drop of water nevertheless. I’m going to try to reframe my mindfulness practice as that for the time being and see how that works.


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