Will We Be Together?

Felicity is sobbing. She asks whether she will be together with the man she loves.

will we be together

I realised something about myself. I feel compelled to give hope to clients when there’s none. To tell a white lie so that they go off with a lithe in their steps on the way out.

Saturn sits directly on the querent. The question is “damaged”. The matter rarely ends well. At this point in time, I ought to not pass any judgement. Did I do that? No, I went on with the reading.

Felicity is concerned with her career as Lord 1, Jupiter, conjuncts MC/10th. She did ask about her career later on.

Moon is in 2nd. I asked her whether she’s concerned about her finances. She said no. Then it could be the man’s 8th house. 8th house – house of grief, sorrow, death. On hindsight, it seems that Felicity is concerned with the man’s loss – loss with his partner so that Felicity could have the opportunity to be together with him. More importantly, Moon conjuncts Neptune. Her feelings are confused. There is an element of delusion or illusion. Perhaps she’s deluding herself?

The man is represented by Mercury in 3rd. He might be someone Felicity sees in college/university or in church or overseas. Mercury is in combustion! The quesited is in combustion. No go. Go to jail directly. Do not collect $200. Saturn sits on querent and the quesited is in combustion. The answer to Felicity’s question is no.

Do I tell her that and leave it at that? No, I wanted to give her every morsel of hope that I could offer. I checked for an aspect between Jupiter and Mercury. Yes, Mercury is going to conjunct Jupiter but not before Mercury:

  • Conjuncts Sun
  • Squares Pluto
  • Sextile Saturn
  • Opposes Uranus

Oh golly. Would the man be together with Felicity after going through so many episodes in his life? It is exhausting even for me to trace through all the aspects.

How about we go another way? Let’s look at Moon and Mercury. Moon is in Pisces and Mercury is in Libra. No go. How about antiscia of Mercury which is 23+ degree in Pisces? Yes, Moon will pass through Mercury’s antiscia. Does this mean that our protagonists will be together? I don’t think so. It seems that the guy is mainly interested in the physical aspect of the relationship – Mercury is in the sign of Venus. No go.

Just for experimentation sake, let’s look at the aspects made and to be made by the Moon:

  • Moon conjunct Neptune – that’s what happened before the reading. Felicity is confused, deluded, yearning for the happy ever after ending.
  • Moon opposes Venus. Venus rules 4th and 5th. She might go back home and try to relax a bit???
  • Moon opposes Mars which rules 10th and 11th. She might go to work and talk to a friend???
  • Moon sextile Pluto. She might be in an emotional turmoil, grief.
  • Moon squares Saturn. She might decide to move on finally.




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