Will There be a Divorce?

A woman asked about her future. I painted a picture for her. She then revealed the question of her desire – will there be a divorce? I asked whether she would like that? She maintained her question: what does the future hold for her marriage? I said I don’t like to give a definitive answer to questions as it shows that we are mere puppets of fate. We can exercise our free will to influence the outcome. She pressed on. I said that it’s very likely that there is going to be a divorce if things keep going the way they go. 

I suggested that a divorce is the result of her decision (progressed Sun opposes MC) and radical changes in her feelings and values (progressed Uranus sextile Venus). But she could avoid a divorce if that is not what she wants, coupled with a desire to maintain the marriage by her partner too.

She wasn’t particularly happy with my suggestion. It seemed that she wanted to absolve herself of any responsibility should there be a divorce. She seems to want to attribute the divorce to her destiny.

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