When Will the Bank Account be Opened?

bank account opening Ireland horary

Opening a bank account in Ireland is ridiculous. I could go on and on about what I had been through. Anyhow, after waiting for four months with complaint letters, door slamming, phone calls, waiting and more waiting, I decided to ask the universe when the account will finally be opened.

Opening a bank account requires paperwork, loads of it in fact. Mercury will be the significator. Mercury is in combustion but thankfully, it’s separating from the Sun. The paperwork that I submitted to them must be lost, unseen due to the glaring rays of the Sun. No wonder, nobody reverted back to me after I lodged the additional paperwork, etc.

I wanted this fiasco to end now, immediately, soon. Let’s look at the fourth house. Yucks. Saturn is visiting. There’s going to be more delay and/or difficulty. Anyhow, the end of the matter is signified by Mars.

Mercury is making an applying aspect to Mars and perfects at 15°54′ Cancer. So, that’s about 13.5 degrees away. Mercury is in a cardinal sign and angular house. So, timing is medium term. I can choose from “minutes, hours, days” or “hours, days, weeks”. Let’s go with the latter since I have already waited for months. The account would be opened within 13.5 days or earlier. That would be 5 or 6th July at the latest (it was 22 June 2017 when I popped the question).

Update on 17 Sep 17

Based on official correspondence from the bank, the account is opened on 28 June 2017 but only functional on 18 July 2017. I supposed my question is “When would the account be opened?” rather than “When can I start using the account?”


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