Are Both of You Mentally Compatible?

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After the initial attraction, the honey-moon period, or even when you get married, do you find you and your other half/partner having nothing to talk about? It’s like some couples who stare into the air when they are overseas or at the local pub/restaurant and are delighted when a waiter/waitress attends to them.

To determine the mentally compatibility between two persons from an astrological perspective, you will need their natal charts i.e. astrological charts which are generated based on a person’s date, time and place of birth. In some cases, you can get away by not having the time of birth of the person although it’s best if you have it. Various websites can generate your chart for free, such as Or you can just go to your astrologer.

Note: I don’t think you need an astrologer to tell you whether you and another person, e.g. your lover, partner, spouse, parent, child, friend are mentally compatible. But it can often be reassuring and illuminating to have astrology confirm it for you, e.g. “I have always known that we don’t click mentally. So that’s why!”

On a more useful note, knowing the communication style (and other aspects) of another person can be advantageous. For instance, your dad has been stubborn and refuses to seek medical treatment for a known illness. If your and your mum’s mental and communication style clashes with his style, you can enlist the help of someone else whom your dad could be more amenable to listen to or you could deliberately change your communication pattern to speak in such a way that he’s open to. See, astrology can be very practical and useful!

The rest of this article contains astrological jargon.

Communication Styles a.k.a the “Mind”

Do the communication of both of you gel?

  1. When both Mercury is the same or complementary element, i.e. Fire-Air, Water-Earth, yes. If both Mercury are in opposite signs, which are still complementary e.g. Aries-Libra, it’s still favourable, but not as “compatible” as the other combinations
  2. When both Mercury are in non-complementary elements, i.e. Fire-Water, Fire-Earth, Earth-Air, Air-Water, which “quincunx” each other, e.g. Aries-Virgo, this may mean that the communication styles of both persons are different. The couple might not have too many common conversation topics. When a person talks, the other person may not relate to it readily and takes some conscious adjustment. The “saving grace” would be a compatible Mercury-Moon and/or Mercury-Sun.
  3. Both Mercury are in non-complementary elements which “square” each other, e.g. Aries-Cancer. This may mean that the communication styles of both persons are different and they might not have common conversation topics. When one person talks, the other person may even feel aggravated “There he/she goes again!”. The differences in the mental and communication styles can especially be felt when both Mercury are in fixed signs, i.e. Taurus-Leo, Leo-Scorpio, Scorpio-Aquarius – both parties may refuse to budge in terms of their viewpoints, thinking, etc. Again, the “saving grace” would be a compatible Mercury-Moon and/or Mercury-Sun.
  4. I am speculating that there are exceptions to points 2 and 3, although I would need to investigate more before confirming my suspicions. Mercury that are in non-complementary elements but are ruled by the same planet, i.e. Aries-Scorpio, Taurus-Libra, Gemini-Virgo, Sagittarius-Pisces, Capricorn-Aquarius, might have some common vantage point in their communication styles, viewpoints and mental thoughts after all.


The Mind and its Effect on Other Aspects of a Person

Naturally the thoughts that we think and the words we say or write can have a different effect on the other dimensions of others. For example, thoughts and words can have an effect on another person’s:

  • Feelings, moods, reactions, responses (Moon)
  • Creativity, vitality, energy, self, power or even life purpose (Sun)
  • Sense of feeling loved, pleasure, enjoyment, attraction, cooperation, beauty, receptivity, sex especially for women (Venus)
  • Ability to take action, assertive urge, sexual urge especially for men, fight, survive (Mars)
  • Long-term aspirations and plans, personal growth and expansion (Jupiter)
  • Long-term ambitions and goals, sense of material security, responsibility, discipline (Saturn)
  • And so on, with outer planets i.e. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

It’s actually quite amazing that thoughts and speech can have such an effect on other people including our loved ones and ourselves. The power of thoughts and words.

For compatibility analysis however, perhaps it’s better to focus on Mercury-Moon and Mercury-Sun as the Sun and Moon are almost always important aspects of a person, besides the Ascendant. Perhaps the Ascendant can be considered as part of synastry readings too. Anyhow, when considering Mercury-Moon and Mercury-Sun interaspects, conjunctions, sextiles or trines would be ideal as there is an easy flow with these aspects.

In another article, we will apply the principles above to perhaps some celebrity couples just for the craic (Irish expression for fun).






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