Are the B&B Guests Going to Show Up?

hotel bnb guest show up horary


B&B owner is represented by Jupiter in 7th as the owner is clearly thinking about his guests, along with Moon in 6th as the late arriving guests affects the owner’s daily routine or his service to them.

The guests, a couple from an overseas country, is represented by Mercury in Virgo in 6th. Mercury is dignified in its own sign. It’s strong. It’s heading towards Mars, a malefic. Mars rules turned second house. Something about money. Well, if the guests don’t show up tonight, they will lose the payment that they have paid due to the cancellation policy.

Does Lord 1 and/or Moon make an aspect with Mercury or vice-versa? No. What about the antiscia of those planets? No. Hmmm, the B&B owner wouldn’t be meeting the two overseas guests. It’s a no-show then.

The 6th house or the turned 12th is very packed. What’s up? Themes involving being trapped, isolation, hospital. Possibly because of something that happened at home or to a family member as indicated by Saturn conjunct 4th / IC. Saturn rules 5th and 6th. Perhaps, the guests’ children/child is/are sick and in hospital?

Neptune is smack on ASC. There’s illusion, confusion or deceit on the part of the B&B owner. I intuited about the B&B owner. No, Neptune probably represents being in a limbo, a transition of some sorts. He’s left hanging.

Antares is smacked on the cusp of the turned 3rd house. Looks like there’s going be no further communication. Or communication channels are closed. Or the end of the short travelling of the guest couple.

Spica conjunct Jupiter. All will end well for the B&B owner. He’s protected in his reputation and legal matters (Jupiter rules 10th and 9th).

I hope the guest couple and their children are safe and sound.

Update on 17 Sep 17:

No, the guests didn’t show up.

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