Money Saving Tip: Visit the Hairdresser/Barber Less Often

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Have you ever notice the time interval between each of your visits to the hairdresser or barber? As a guy, I know there were times when I visited the barber 1.5 month after the previous visit instead of the usual one month. Not placing too much emphasis on my appearances and wanting to save a few bobs, I now time my visits to the barber so that I can max out the 1.5 month between each visit.

I totally understand if you like going to your hairdresser/barber as often as possible. As the chat or the cut itself can be rather therapeutic. If that’s the case, stop reading. Wait for my next article where I describe when to go to a hairdresser/barber so that your hair can grow like crazy.

If, however, you want your hair to grow slower than usual after your visit to the hairdresser/barber, here’s a little experiment for you. Go to the hairdresser/barber when:

1. It’s Waning Moon

The Moon is waning when it’s fluctuating between full moon to new moon. Imagine the shape of the moon as it changes from a full moon to a new moon. It is getting less each day. So the rate of growth of your hair is slower when you cut your hair during this time too.

To determine the phase of the Moon,

  • Just look at her at night/in the evening
  • Check out the various websites that show the lunar phase in your city, e.g.
  • Download a free phone app by searching for “moon phase” or “lunar phase”

2. Moon is in the zodiac signs of Gemini, Leo or Virgo

Why? you ask. These three signs are traditionally known as the barren signs. If something is barren, it doesn’t grow much, does it?

To determine the sign of the Moon,

  • Check out the various websites that show the lunar phase in your city, e.g. Lunarium
  • Download a free phone app by searching for “moon phase” or “lunar phase

3. It is the Hour of Saturn

Saturn represents delay and/or difficulty. So when you go during the time of Saturn, your hair is likely to grow slower than usual…

To determine the hour of Saturn, which changes everyday and every season:

  • Check out websites that calculate the hours for you. There’s one here which I haven’t verified the accuracy of the calculation yet.
  • Get in touch with me and I can show you how to derive the timing.
  • I’m not sure if there’s an app that shows the planetary hours. Let me know if you come across one!

There you go. Those are the three tips to make your hair grow slower if that’s your intention. Pay more attention to tips 1 and 2 as they seem more manageable. Don’t worry if you can’t get tip 3 in order.

Wait for the next article on making your hair grow like crazy!


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