Unknown Birth Times

A client said that her birth time is between 11am to 2pm. Huh ha. It’s tough to forecast on specific areas of life when you have such a time range. Although it’s probably better than not having a range at all. So the question is: do you perform a rectification for a first time client who wants to keep cost low, use solar houses or just use techniques that are not so sensitive to timing e.g. some progressions and transits without considering Moon, the angles and houses?

I tell you what I did – I use tarot cards to inquire on the nearest time for my client. One card for every 15 minutes interval between 11am to 2pm. The highest card represents the time of birth. In this case, it was XX Judgement for 12.45pm. And just to be sure, I picked another card to confirm that 12:45pm is the best estimate of her time of birth. The universe returned with XI The World. Hmmm. Let’s go with 12:45pm then.


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  1. I will like to go by Moon chart, which will give better results. Mahadasha (Period) will be used with anter dasha (sub period).

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