Blame It All on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde can be so handy sometimes. If and when anything goes wrong, just attribute it to dear old young Mercury. He/she’s (he’s gender neutral after all) retrograding. That’s why we may misunderstand each other, messages get lost, important contracts contain the incorrect clauses, etc.

Let’s look at the key communication blunders that I have experienced so far:

1. I had to call a local police station four times to book an appointment to see them. Yeah, they will turn you away if you show up without an appointment for what I needed them for. First call was on Monday, then Wednesday where I was chastised on the phone for following up too soon, the following Monday and Wednesday before I was granted audience with the legendary police officer. I was in a rush then and called up another police station that’s not in the same county from where I live. That call was made on the Friday after I made two calls to the local station. The other station obliged and told me to go over on the following Monday but to call again before I went over to them. I travelled all the way to the county, called them and was told that no, I don’t live in their county, they can’t accede to my request. I told the person that her colleague said yes on Friday but the person maintained no.

2. I have the most difficulty in writing a take-home exam. It has taken loads of time to write the essay/report. This has never happened to me before. Well, not in my conscious memory anyway. I’m still writing the exam as of now.

3. I apparently pasted the incorrect website URL to different sites. It should be “” instead of “”. Thankfully, I spotted that the next day.

What I have relearnt from this most recent Mercury retrograde period:

  • When meeting someone, always confirm your appointment the day before or the day itself
  • Check that the other person really understands you when you are communicating. Well, this shouldn’t be an issue for expert communicators. But, just be aware of the increased potential for misunderstanding during this time
  • For writers or those attempting a take-home exam, the time might be best spent on revising or rewriting material that’s already written before the retrograde period started. It could be challenging to create new material during this period
  • For those signing contracts, shift the date to a time where Mercury is direct if you can. After all, Mercury is the natural ruler of contracts. Otherwise, triple check what you are doing


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