Returning to Your Roots

I chanced upon this article where an Irish nurse swapped her job to become a cheese maker. The headline of the piece is “Going Back to Her Roots – Swapping Nursing For Cheesemaking”. 

Suddenly, the astrological 4th house makes perfect sense. It’s an eureka moment for me. The typical associations with the 4th house include home, family, parent – I go with the dad personally while others may differ with me, the deep inner self that’s private and not shown to others and roots.

I had problems applying “roots” in my interpretations. It seemed too vague for me. Especially when one’s progressed planets shift into the 4th house, a common interpretation is that there’s an inner shift towards home and family. Some mention roots. What are roots actually? Roots come from seeds. These seeds are usually the (by-)products of a man and woman’s lovemaking act. So, a person’s parents is part of his/her roots. But we can go back and trace the ancestry of a person which forms his/her deep and extended roots.

We are talking about lineage which includes our parent history, our cultural lineage, your past, the past of people before you. Your people e.g. your race, your heritage, your nationality, history. That’s what Teresa Roche in the article did. She went back to her roots. Maybe there was a progression or transit into her IC and/or 4th house.


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