Hexagram 36 – Darkening of the Light

Earth over Fire.

Earth goes down. It can’t be up otherwise, the ground or soil would be floating in the air! Fire goes up, just like the flame from a candle or flames of a bonfire is to go up. Earth snuffs out fire, resulting in darkness. That is why one of the labels of hexagram 36 is “Darkening of the Light”.

Earth is above, representing the outside world. Fire is below, representing the inner self. So, the concerns of the material world diminishes the inner self, energy, creativity, passion or vision. It’s like the sky has fallen over us. It could be tough times indeed. How do we overcome darkness? By brightness, having light which is hope. It’s like walking in a tunnel without light. To see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, we have to keep walking ahead, one step at one time, gingerly.

Earth is above, which can also suggest our outer self. Earth is to be receptive, to be gentle. Therefore, it could be a time of clothing your brilliance, intelligence (fire below) with meekness, receptiveness and nurture. It’s to keep a low profile and bid your time really. Be patient.

Changing line 3: The translation by Sherrill and Chu mentioned “Do not expect corrections to be made all at once. Excesses must be avoided.” It sounds like avoid perfection. Focus on the 20% that brings in 80% of the results. Be practical. Virgos may consider how this applies to them.






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