The Use of Palm Stones

I looked at my Black Obsidian palm stone now as I’m typing up this post. I wondered how did palm stones i.e. stones that fit into the palm of your hand come about? I asked my trusty old friend Google and scanned through 3 pages of results and couldn’t find anything until I found this. According to the company Enduring Images,

Looking back in time, they (palm stones) have been made and used in Asian and African countries to give strength, good fortune and good health to their owners.  They continue to be used for not only these purposes but also in religious prayers and for remembering loved one.

Hmmm, I’m originally from an Asian country and have never ever seen a palm stone before. Unless you exclude Singapore from Asia. What’s interesting is that in Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), the art of healing by touch, the center of the palm is a location to “harmonise our body, mind, and spirit with each other and with the universe”. The benefits of touching the center of the palm is a sense of profound peace and oneness with the universe.

Hogwash you may say. But hey, what’s the worst that can happen. You might just feel silly if it doesn’t work. It won’t exactly be a waste of time as you can hold the center of a palm while you are travelling on the plane, bus or while waiting for someone, etc. If JSJ does work, you get a peace of mind for free. Sweet isn’t it?


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